Monday, October 8, 2007

Szeretek a BKV

I love Budapest public transportation (if you follow the link you can listen to the amusing little tunes the buses and metro and such play when the doors are closing or we are arriving at a stop, etc) and the magical 30 day metro pass that gives me unlimited usage. Take last Friday as an example:

I left the apartment and caught the 16 busz (which stops almost directly across the street from my apartment). I rode the busz to Déak Tér where I transfered to the red metro line and rode it to the Keleti Pályaudvar station which has an exit onto the street College international is located on. At school I went to class, checked my email, etc and then Christina and I caught the 74 trolley busz to her apartment. We hung out briefly at her apartment and then walked a couple of blocks to Déak Tér where we met up with Mandi and took the red metro line to Batthyány Tér where we transfered to the HEV commuter train which we rode to Obuda (an older region of north Buda. In Obuda we went to an op art museum dedicated to Victor Vasarely. After the museum we wandered around and came across a Roman amphitheater and what appeared to be some sort of gathering of college students. They were clearly in teams (each team had matching shirts) and they had all sorts of random junk (a traffic cone, a vacuum hose, the shell of a lawn mower, an old motherboard, a broken guitar, etc) which they were using as play weapons. It was quite the event. When we got board with watching them, we walked back to the 1A tram stop we had noticed and took the tram to a blue line metro station . We rode the blue line back to Déak Tér where we met up with Kyle and then continued along the blue line to Kalvin Tér, which is near Raday street (a street known for its restaurants). We had dinner at the Soul Cafe (I had a cold raspberry soup with lemon sorbet and then csirke paprikas, it was delicious. The only problem is that I am not overly fond of having to pick my chicken off the bone, but it is not a big deal. ) and then caught the blue line back to Déak. We walked back to Christina's and hung out for a while before I caught the 16 busz back home. I am really going to miss having this kind of public transportation when I get back to the US.

It was Chelsey's birthday this past week, so we made her a cake. It turns out that raspberry jam works reasonably well for coloring butter cream frosting and that even though it makes it slightly runny, I can still successfully use a plastic bag with the corner snipped off to write with it.

While wandering around Obuda, we found this statue. It is surrounded by pansies. I have lots of pictures of the pansies, but I will spare you that.

A restaurant we passed called csaszarkert, literally, Caesar Garden. It turned out to be interesting forshadowing.

A street in Obuda. They have the same green signs with white writing that we have in the US.

The amphitheater

Another view of the amphitheater

One of the crazy college students arriving

Sunset picture taken from the amphitheater

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