Thursday, December 24, 2009

Merry Christmas from Canada

Greetings from Coquitlam! These first three pictures are from a local park.

We also took a drive up the Sea to Sky Highway towards Whistler and stopped at several points along the way:

A couple of attempts at panoramic pictures (I'm having trouble getting them to format any bigger without getting blurry on this page. You can click them to get a bigger version):

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

It's Christmas time in the city...

While my sister was here visiting, we got Christmas decorations put up!

That combined with baking lots of cookies has helped it feel like it might be getting close to Christmas time :-)

There are some decorations up around the city, but it doesn't even come close to Budapest...

Sunday, December 6, 2009


I went to Tallahassee for Thanksgiving. Normally I would have had my camera out taking tons of pictures of the food, but there were two other people with cameras out and I decided that three would be going overboard. However, I can't not have any pictures of food in a Thanksgiving post, so here are two that my sister Karen took:

While we were down in Tallahassee, my grandparents took us to Wakula Springs - and I did have my camera for that. There were lots of cool critters hanging out - alligators, turtles, a whole host of birds...and manatees!

The swamp is also pretty in its own right.

Catching up on November...

Yay for fall!

The trees here do a much better job of knowing that it is fall than the trees in Claremont did, but they still had trouble agreeing exactly when they were supposed to start changing colors/shedding their leaves. One tree was particularly confused and seems to think that since it has almost lost all of its previous leaves, it must be time to start making new ones...

Now, part of my goal with reviving this blog was to work on finding beauty in my urban setting. Focusing on trees makes for pretty pictures, but feels more like finding ways to avoid the city than finding beauty in it. Some of my earlier pictures reflect (hah) the fact that there are a lot of reflections in the city - having lots of windows will do that. This next picture shows that there are reflections beyond the ones in windows: