Thursday, December 24, 2009

Merry Christmas from Canada

Greetings from Coquitlam! These first three pictures are from a local park.

We also took a drive up the Sea to Sky Highway towards Whistler and stopped at several points along the way:

A couple of attempts at panoramic pictures (I'm having trouble getting them to format any bigger without getting blurry on this page. You can click them to get a bigger version):


DM said...

I like the first picture the best. The third picture is nice, but I think it would have been better to offset the shoreline between the trees, so it's not right in the middle. Theoretically it's a cardinal rule of composition (not that I paid any attention in my last two photos).

The picture of the waterfall is very over-exposed in the sky. I'm not sure how much fine control you have with your camera, but it might be worth trying it again and dropping the exposure down a notch or two. If that makes the foreground too dark, you can try turning on your flash to compensate.

Sarah said...

For the third picture the symmetry formed by the reflection appealed too strongly to my mathematical side to put it off center...I do try to remember to think about that kind of thing though...

As for the sky on the waterfall...My camera is designed such that it can be treated as a very basic point and click camera and has a handful of settings designed for various situations that are easy to access. It does allow for more tinkering, but the interface for those controls is well buried and I'm not currently very good at using it (I'm working on it, but its a slow process). I did try a variety of different settings on the waterfall- and none of them did any better (and none of the other angles did any better either). The main problem was that the sky was essentially a bright white sheet the morning that my family decided to drive up into the mountains...luckily that got better as the day went on.