Friday, August 17, 2007

Shoe car!

This morning Éva made breakfast for us (Bread with butter, some sort of salami, delicious peppers and cheese, it was awesome) before she left to go to her garden. She brought back fresh grapes, plums, peaches and apples. There is so much good fruit! While she was gone, Jessie and I went to explore part of Budapest. The Batthyany Metro stop is in easy walking distance of where we are staying, so we took the Metro to Deák Tér and wandered around there for a while. We then took the bus over to Keleti and located the College International. Near the college there is a gelato place which has amazing málna (raspberry) gelato . I am going to have to be careful to not get addicted to stopping there on my way home from school ;-)
(Speaking of getting addicted to things, the internet cafe right near my flat (and which I am currently at) has free wireless if you get something to eat or drink and has amazing őszibarack (peach) juice!)

While wandering around Budapest we found a car with a shoe on it

and discovered that in addition to the normal pigeons, there are also brown ones

For dinner tonight Éva made us gombas (some kind of Hungarian mushroom, though the texture was better than normal mushrooms) es sonka (ham) pizza. Volt nagyon finom. By the time the Hungarian class starts I think Jessie and I will already know quite a bit of the language :-)

A picture tour of the flat I am staying at:
My room

The living room

View from the balcony at the back

The courtyard


Brian said...

I remember the shoe car! I think it's advertising/delivery for the shoe store nearby.

I'm glad you have a convenient way of getting free internet. College International isn't open very late, so that will probably be especially useful.

Also, if you go down to Rákóczi market in the morning, there's a bakery place. Which sells a yummy confection called krémes (and a variety called francia krémes, which is doubly yummy). You can get this at a lot of other places too (probably almost any place that sells sweet baked goods), but I remember people regularly going to the market for it. Don't eat too much, though -- it's custard and cream and really addicting.

Do say who you have for language instructor(s) when that starts.

Also this comment should end, so szia.

Max said...

It's official - goombas are Hungarian mushrooms. I'll remember to tell Mario - it'll help him make the case that Mushroom kingdom just got all bad because of lax enforcement of immigration laws...

Mike said...

Nice place!

So there's no public transportation to the top of that hill? I guess if there were any it'd have to be something that goes rather out of the way.