Wednesday, November 7, 2007


Sorry about the long absence. We had last Thursday and Friday off, so my internet access was very limited over the weekend and then coming back from a long weekend seems to result in life being extra busy!

Thursday was very low key. I spent most of the day alone in the apartment getting little things I had been meaning to do done. Having time completely alone occasionally is really nice, it seems to not happen often. In the evening I went over to a Kyle's apartment (Christina was out of town all weekend) to make dinner and to just hang out and chat.

On Friday, Zoli and Adam, my host mother's grandsons, and her daughter Erika came over. This meant that my host mother had to make a big lunch for everyone, so we spent the morning cooking. The most exciting part was making nokedli - dumpling/noodle things which are formed by running the batter through a cheese grater into a pot of boiling water. We served the nokedli with a sour cream based sauce with boiled eggs.
Here is a picture of me with my host mom and Zoli :-)

On Saturday morning my host mom was cooking all out again to have food to take over to Zoli's house since EVERYONE was coming over to celebrate Zoli's birthday. I learned how Hungarians fry meat and helped make a husi paprikas (meat in a paprika/sour cream sauce) topping for the nokedli. She then got all dressed up and posed for me with one of her Christmas cacti:

When she left, I went over to Kyle's and since it was a beautiful day we headed to Nepliget (a park) to go for a walk. It is fall here - I'm really enjoying actually having seasons.
Pictures from the park:

Sunday morning I finally decided to go to choir practice before the service (I've been toying with the idea and just not getting to it for a while). The choir was desperately in need of altos, so I agreed to attempt to sing alto. It was interesting. The alto line didn't go to low, so it was ok in that regard and given that I had only seen it that morning and was basically carrying it next to a group of very strong sopranos I think it went quite well. I definitely prefer singing higher though.

When I got back from church, Zoli, Adam and their dad were over - as were one of my host mother's nephews and his wife and three little boys. My host mother had gone all out with lunch. It started with cherry soup (fruit soup here is amazing) and then there was fried meat and potatoes, and nokedli with the meat sauce as the main course and a sweet custardy soup with meringue floating in it called madartej (literally bird's milk). All of it was quite tasty. The afternoon was interesting - having 5 little boys running around is loud and exhausting. It was interesting though, and good for my Hungarian.

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