Wednesday, November 28, 2007

A Musical Weekend

Friday afternoon, Christina, Kyle, Tom and I went out to Gellert Hill to watch the sunset (at 4pm). On the way up the hill we stopped at the giant slides! It had been so long since I have been on slides...These are the sorts of slides that would probably be considered safety hazards in the US, but they are great. I even saw a grandpa going down one of the slides with his grandson.

It was cold, but nice out. The sunset was pretty, and the full moon was rising just as the sun was setting. Overall, it made for a very pleasant evening.

Saturday I stayed home in the morning and one of my host mom's daughters came over for lunch. I still have not quite gotten used to the Budapesti notion of lunch... We started with soup, then had homemade french fries and some sort of fried meat patties (I think they were made from ground turkey mixed with spices, egg, and bread crumbs) and after that my host mom brought out a large pot of spaghetti. Needless to say, I was stuffed. In the evening a group of 7 of us gathered at Christina's to make American style pancakes for dinner and then to go to a piano concert. I really enjoyed the concert. Making time to just go listen to music is a very good thing and the Liszt Ferenc Zeneakadémia where the concert was held is absolutely gorgeous.

Sunday I went to church in the morning (and recognized all but one of the tunes for the hymns!), worked on HW with Christina in the afternoon, went to the organ concert at the Lutheran church in the evening, and then met up with Kyle to go to the pancake place for dinner (yes, pancakes two nights in a row, but they were very different kinds of pancakes).

The weather has decided that it is going to be clear and cold for a while. Oh, and windy - quite windy (20-40 km/hr windy). I am glad my coat is good a blocking wind. The wind chill factor has been keeping the temperature below 0 C and Monday I woke up to find the hill behind my apartment dusted with snow. It is exciting. I love having actual weather :-)

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