Monday, December 3, 2007

A Karácsonyi Fa

First a brief note. Sunset is now before 4 pm. On Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday I get out of class around 4:30. On Thursday and Friday I get out at 10 and noon respectively. Given that there is no daylight after class on the first half of the week, I figure it is good for me to get outside after class on Thursday and Friday. This means that I am not spending as much time in the computer lab on those days and is the cause of there not being end of the week math posts. The math is still fun and exciting :-)

On Thursday, Christina and I met up with Blair and the three of us went off to explore the Christmas Market. The atmosphere of the market is amazing. There are stands selling various wooden crafts, and all sort of fabric crafts and several kinds of traditional Hungarian food. There is even a stand where a blacksmith is set up and with several candle holders and cute dragonfly corkscrews for sale. In addition, one of the buildings bordering the square where the market is set up has its windows set up as an Advent Calendar. Oh, and naturally there is a giant Karácsonyi fa - a Christmas tree.

On Friday we celebrated Christina's birthday (it was actually Sunday, but there were some people traveling this weekend. I made and decorated a chocolate cake and we had mulled wine and played our homemade version of apples to apples. It was great fun.

Saturday I spent the morning at home learning to make paprikas krumpli (paprika potatoes) - which is very tasty, but I suspect is going to be tricky to get right at home where I don't have a bowl where I save the oil from frying the chicken for csirke paprikas... In the evening I took the Putnam. It was strange to be starting it at sunset and to finish at midnight. I think I prefer having it in the morning.

After church on Sunday, Christina and I went to the flea market (which was highly entertaining, but there was way to much stuff for me to actually try to decide to buy anything) and then to Tesco to obtain Christmas goodies. Her apartment now has a decorated Christmas tree, an advent wreath and a poinsettia. It feels like Christmas :-)

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