Sunday, July 6, 2008

Well, That Was Different...

July 4

I made myself a really tasty breakfast by mixing some left over acorn squash with a handful of oatmeal, a little milk and some cinnamon and then curled up on the couch to read Great Expectations. Pip (the main character) managed to make me so mad that when one of our professors called suggesting that we should all go out to a movie, I actually decided to go. We went to the Moxie - a tiny independent cinema in downtown Springfield. The Fall is a really, really weird movie.

We had planned to go to the Thai restaurant near campus after the movie, but it turned out to be closed for the long weekend. The second Thai restaurant we tried was also closed. Happily, the third Thai place we tried was open. I was surprised to discover mango curry on the menu (I had never considered the idea of mango in curry) but it was delicious, if not deserving of the 5 star spiciness level they claimed...

After dinner, the professors pointed us in the direction of the fireworks show (they did not want to deal with the crowds). We were told that the fireworks were at the intersection of Division and 65. While driving down Division toward 65 we observed that there were a lot of people who were parked in various parking lots and set up there to watch the show. We parked in one of these lots and then decided to walk down Division to get closer. We briefly pondered how bad an idea it would be to walk across the overpass, but decided to go for it (the shoulders were really wide and there were plenty of other people crossing) and managed to get close enough that we could hear the music they were playing to go with the fireworks. Now, in my experience 4th of July fireworks displays are generally accompanied by a variety of patriotic music, but that was not quite what we found. For some reason the Springfield 4th of July fireworks show is organized by one of the local super churches and so we watched fireworks choreographed to the kind of music I would expect from a praise band at a "contemporary" church service. It was fine, but not quite what we were expecting. The fireworks were nice enough.

When the show was over we were rather amused that we were walking faster down Division than the traffic was moving until shortly before we made it back to where we had parked. Upon getting back to the dorm I had an amusing conversation with one of my suite mates:

Her: We should have ice cream!
Me: I'm more in the mood for cookies...
Her: (skeptically) Do we have cookies?
Me: We could.
I pause briefly to glance at the time, decide that 10:30 is not too late to make cookies, and pull a stick of butter out of the fridge.
Her: (excitedly and amazed) Are you going to make cookies?!
Me: Yes...

So we had oatmeal chocolate chip cookies - and managed not to let our oven burn them this time. I'm getting better at identifying how browned the bottoms of cookies are getting by smell...

July 5

The bank is right across the street from the mall and far enough from the dorm that we have not felt like walking. The suite mate who drives uses a different bank, but is a fan of the mall, so she took us to the bank and then we went to the mall. As a result I ended up spending multiple hours on the 4th of July weekend "going shopping" at the mall. Where by shopping I mean following the other girls from store to store and remembering why it is that it has been a while since I have bought anything other than pants at the mall... That said, I was somewhat impressed to discover that while it still contains nothing that I would wear, the junior department actually contains clothing that is not completely hideous. It was also nice to note that there is a pretty teal and purple combination that appears to be "in" this year.

We saw an interesting delivery truck as we were driving to the mall:

ps. I have discovered that my roommate's camera cord works with my camera, so you get pictures again :-)

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