Sunday, September 19, 2010

Butterfly collection part 2

This first one is a little beat up, but pretty anyway.

This one is also black and blue, but less beat up (though it really did not want to sit still).

Then there is a lovely yellow one. Maybe I will eventually learn their names. For now though I am happy to just admire them.

In addition to all of these big showy butterflies there are a whole host of small ones that are easy to overlook.

This last guy isn't a butterfly, but I thought it was a nifty picture anyway :-).


DM said...

I've been trying to get some butterfly pictures. They won't sit still for me.

Sarah said...

Remember that patience thing you mentioned in your blog? :-) Chasing butterflies is a good way to work on that. A fast shutter speed is also a good plan if the lighting is good enough to pull it off.