Saturday, September 4, 2010

A Beautiful Day

The weather today was gorgeous. I went to the farmer's market at Piedmont Park (and got an exciting collection of squash) and then wandered around the park for a bit before finding a nice shady spot under a tree to sit and do some math. It was lovely. I also remembered to grab my camera when I left the house this morning.

You can click on the panorama (or any of them for that matter) to see it larger :-)


DM said...

I really like the water fountain. It almost looks like you took it through a fish-eye.

How did you stitch the panorama together?

Sarah said...

I am really pleased with the water fountain too - especially since it was not at all a thought out shot. I stopped to get a drink and the water caught my eye :-).

My camera is a one of the Canon PowerShots and one of the pieces of software it came with is Canon's PhotoStitch. It is simple to use and seems to work well enough.