Thursday, March 11, 2010

Hey look, its acting like spring!

At least this week... Whether or not it stays that way is another matter entirely. The temperatures have been consistently above 60 and I'm pretty sure we have even topped 70. The trees are budding and blooming, the lawns are thinking about greening up and there are daffodils popping up in a fairly sporadic fashion around campus.

On a completely different note, there was a mini math conference here on Saturday. We ended up with far more bagels than necessary for breakfast and they were left sitting in the corner of the room where we had lunch. There was more time alloted for lunch than we ended up needing to eat. Thus there were a bunch of mathematicians with nothing in particular to do and a pile of bagels...

That is a bagel that has been cut so that it forms two linked halves. Now I just need to learn how to cut a bagel into a trefoil knot :-)

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