Saturday, July 31, 2010

A Three Course Farmer's Market Brunch

The Piedmont Park farmer's market has a pastry stand that always looks wonderful and that I usually resist. This morning I decided that I wanted a pastry, dang it, and so didn't eat breakfast before going and decided I would find brunch there.

The first course consisted of a blueberry danish (they were out of blackberry) from the pastry stand, a fresh peach from my usual bag of peaches, and a cup of locally made yogurt (because the peach and blueberries were screaming for something cool and creamy to go with them and the yogurt stand was right next to the peach stand). I sat on the grass and ate this course while listening to the live music they always have and people watching. It was lovely.

At 11 they have a cooking demonstration where a local chef comes, makes something, explains how it works, and then lets everyone try it. Today we had Chef Jeff from SoHo. He made a salad with mixed greens, watermelon and cherry tomatoes, topped it with citrus cured and then grilled salmon and garnished it with a Benne Wafer (a crunchy sesame cookie). It was absolutely fantastic. This was course 2.

Before he started preparing the salad, Chef Jeff mixed up a peach cobbler. It ended up needing to bake slightly longer than he expected, but it was still done not too long after the salad. The concoction wasn't quite what I would usually call a cobbler, but I'm not sure what I would call it other than delicious, so I guess the term cobbler will do.

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