Friday, August 27, 2010


Here is the view from my the living room in my new apartment. I unfortunately can not open the windows here, so I'm having to figure out how to take pictures through the glass. Right now this means that camera usually ends up reflected in it...

Of course, in the down in my room also has a screen (despite the fact that it does not open...), which makes things even trickier.

Here we have different sort of sunrise shot than the ones I usually go for. I rather like it though. It is a little hard to see at this size (you can click it to see it bigger), but the next three traffic lights are all different colors!

Then later that morning

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DM said...

Zoom in as far as you can, set your f/stop as low as it will go, and put your camera right up against the window glass. That will cut out most of the window/screen problems (at the expense of limiting what you can take pictures of :P)